The Legacy Tour


MotUS is US, it's WE, it's YOU, it's ME!

  • Our Vision

    Imagine a gym-led industry. We are a community working together for growth.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to serve gym owners and coaches, to lead with courage, patience, and conviction, and to empower everyone to keep the athletes at the center of our actions.

  • Our Why?

    We feel passionate about sharing our combined 150-plus years of experience. We have immense gratitude for the industry and all that it has done for us and we genuinely want to give back to help current and future generations continue to lead and grow.

  • Community of Gym

    Community of Gym

    JOIN THE COMMUNITY and work with us to grow your business. We provide a business library, business consulting, coaching tips and so much more to help you be successful.

  • Marketing


    We provide numerous marketing services for your gym. We are in the industry so we understand better than anyone how to market for growth. Let us help you build your brand, create a logo, market your facility and strategically plan for the future.

  • Partnerships


    MOTUS is connecting industry vendors to help provide you amazing opportunities to earn while you spend. Learn more about our partners when you join the community.

  • Community


    We are in this together you don’t have to do it alone! Running a facility is hard work, sometimes you just need a shoulder to lean on. Let MOTUS be that shoulder. Join the movement today.